Geoffrey Michael

Negotiation Seminars
You've probably attended seminars before, but I guarantee you've never seen anything like this.  If you've been thinking about elevating your negotiating game to an entirely new level, you've come to the right place.  If I don't meet or exceed your expectations and you're not completely satisfied with my presentation, I'll refund your $795 fee.  No questions asked.  That fee covers the cost for every person in attendance, regardless of the size of your group.  You’ll save more than the cost of this seminar in your first negotiation.

Everything is negotiable, no matter how large or small the cost.  A top-notch negotiation strategy can save your business huge sums of money.  I provide advice and tips for developing negotiating strategies to help you both personally and professionally.

My Negotiate Like a Pro presentation covers the fundamental principles that apply to virtually any negotiating scenario.  Unlike others who write books and lecture about negotiations based on their academic credentials and perspective, I draw on my first-hand experience in the trenches as a program manager and contract negotiator.  I discuss actual negotiations of mine and what I did to maximize results over the past 30 years in real-world terms, not theoretical terms.

Click on this link for more details about the seminar and a limited time promotional rate.

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